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Commuter Uses E-Bike to Commute 15,000 miles       Category:
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A local Tennessee-news segment highlights a man who has clocked 15,000 miles on his electric-bike that he constructed from kits. [...]

Electric-Bike with Dewalt 36-V Batteries        Category:
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A Seattle cyclist details his electric-bike project. The cyclist cleverly incorporates several 36-Volt Nano-phosphate lithium-ion batteries (state-of-the-art batteries) to produce a bike that outperforms e-bikes costing several thousand [...]

E-Bike: Practical Tips for Commuting       Category:
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A commuter, who recently sold her vehicle, now relies solely on her e-bike to commute to work, pick up groceries, etc. This is a good discussion with numerous practical tips from a rider whose sole means of transportation is her e-bike. [...]

Folding Electric Bike       Category:
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European manufacturer Nano Bikes highlights their folding bike. The bike folds up into a very small size that seems like it would fit in the back of a hatchback or the trunk of a vehicle. [...]

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