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Toyota Prius converted to plug-in hybrid       Category:
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Two college students convert a Prius hybrid into a plug-in hybrid. Some details are given regarding the electrical configuration of the additional battery pack; and some details are given on an added circuit board that uses the vehicle's diagnostic port. The added circuit tells the [...]

How Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles work       Category:
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This video gives a good overview of how Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles work. This narrated animation is intuitive and easy to understand.[...]

Honda Insight & New Toyota Prius Comparison       Category:
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Overall, this Edmunds review seems to slightly favor the Toyota Prius over the Honda Insight -- especially for for its more comfortable ride. However, the reviewer does acknowledge that the Honda Insight is cheaper and can be more fun to drive with its stiffer suspension. Here are some specs gleamed from the video:[...]

Electric-Hybrid Truck Conversion       Category:
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A company sells a conversion kit that can convert commercial trucks to hybrids. The kits primarily consist of an electric motor that attaches to the drive shaft, various battery options, and a controller. [...]

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