Electric-bill optimizer / Betta       Category:
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IF electric billing charges are presented to electric-utility consumers in a more intuitive format, THEN electric-utility consumers will:
  • be empowered to make better choices regarding purchase and use of electrical appliances
  • and thereby reduce their electric consumption with minimal discomfort.

Home-conservation projects that yield 8% - 41% annually!       Category:
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Today I’m going to discuss how safe returns in the neighborhood of 10% to 40% annually can be made through home conservation that leads to substantial yearly savings. In the process of making a savvy (and possibly tax-free) investment, you get the additional benefit of feeling good about lessening your impact on the environment. I like comparing the annual savings to the earnings that a traditional investment like a 12 month CD would make (currently paying a measly ~2%). [...]

Toyota Prius converted to plug-in hybrid       Category:
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Two college students convert a Prius hybrid into a plug-in hybrid. Some details are given regarding the electrical configuration of the additional battery pack; and some details are given on an added circuit board that uses the vehicle's diagnostic port. The added circuit tells the [...]

How Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles work       Category:
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This video gives a good overview of how Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles work. This narrated animation is intuitive and easy to understand.[...]

Honda Insight & New Toyota Prius Comparison       Category:
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Overall, this Edmunds review seems to slightly favor the Toyota Prius over the Honda Insight -- especially for for its more comfortable ride. However, the reviewer does acknowledge that the Honda Insight is cheaper and can be more fun to drive with its stiffer suspension. Here are some specs gleamed from the video:[...]

How green-techs compete in US electric-power production       Category:
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Exactly how much electricity is consumed in the United States? And, what would it cost to swap 20% of electric generation with renewable sources? As difficult as these questions may seem, they can be broken down into more manageable parts. [...]

Your electic bill: Google & Microsoft are competing to help       Category:
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Both Google and Microsoft are working with utility companies to provide you with electricity-usage data. How much is it costing you to finish watching that television sitcom? How much does it cost to do another load of laundry? Most of us have no idea. But, with these competing software programs and others, you will soon be able to answer such questions by monitoring your own electricity consumption. [...]

"20% Wind Energy by 2030” is possible says D.O.E.       Category:
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The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a report in May, 2008 that sets a goal of “20% Wind Energy by 2030”. The report documents the very rapid growth and technological advancements taking place in the wind industry; the report also dispels some myths about the industry. [...]

Nevada Solar One: 64 MW, Solar-Thermal Power Plant       Category:
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Second largest concentrated solar power plant in the world at time of construction (2007). Overview:
  • "nominal capacity of 64 MW and maximum capacity of 75 MW"
  • Yearly electricity production estimate: 134 million kilowatt hours
  • Cost: $266 million
  • Solar collectors cover 300 acres and are easily visible in this site's Google Map. [...]

Newer Fuel Economy Ratings       Category:
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The EPA has adopted a newer fuel economy ratings method that more accurately reflects real-world driving situations including faster speeds, faster acceleration, air-conditioner use, etc. Prior to these changes, there was much criticism from consumers whose actual m.p.g. was substantially less than those advertised. [...]

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